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The Brown Bookstore has been located at 244 Thayer Street, on the corner of Angell & Thayer, since the opening of the Brown Office Building in 1970. The Bookstore is an anchor store to the Thayer Street retail district on College Hill in Providences historic East Side. The Bookstore attracts students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors, area residents and professionals. The Bookstore is known for its general and academic book selections, and quality Brown gifts and apparel, cards, stationery, supply and computer products, also for its friendly atmosphere and good service. Self-operated by Brown University, the Brown Bookstore is proud of its status as an independent university and community focused bookstore.


Course book services, our core academic service, requires continuous use of electronic data transfers, and close partnerships with faculty, academic staff, publishers, distributors and used book wholesalers in order to meet faculty and student expectations and academic requirements. Used books constitute 30% of course book sales, reflecting an emphasis at the Brown Bookstore to reduce textbook costs to students. Faculty need for customized course materials places an emphasis on bookstore and publisher partnerships to provide reasonable and effective copyright clearance, flexible packaging of intellectual property on campus. The Bookstore is linked closely with Brown’s graphic services, academic departments, library, computing information, registrar and financial aid at Brown to provide effective and unified approaches to information, copyright and printing services. Information on copyright can be found at: www.brown.edu/Administration/Copyright.

General Books

The Brown Bookstore has strong traditions as an independent university bookseller. Book stocks include a diverse front-list and backlist of titles, reflecting the wide range of academic, professional and the general book interests of the Brown community and area residents. Breadth of customer book interests requires special ordering services and good relations with the gamut of academic and trade publishers and book distributor services. Knowledge of distributor and publisher order response is critical to meeting customer expectations including special orders – a major focus of the staff.

Campus Shop

The Campus Shop carries a wide variety of Brown imprinted apparel, gifts, and supplies.  Some of our featured apparel vendors are Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Columbia, 47 Brand, Champion, Gear, and a full line Under Armour shop.  We also carry everything from blankets, jewelry, golf products, clocks, and other home furnishings to mugs, glassware,pennants, banners, flags, and magnets.  For home or work, we have padfolios, pens, notecards, and more.

Dorm, Office & School Supplies

We have a wide selection of school, office, and art supplies on the mezzanine (2nd) level.  For the dorm, we carry some of the basic necessities such as toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and other HBA items and products.  At the beginning of the school year, we have basic dorm supplies such as sheets, towels, and bed risers.  Our Bed, Bath, and Beyond Pop-Up Shop is also open at the beginning of the school year with many of the dorm essentials you will need available in the bookstore.

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